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I hope that this message finds all of our Faculty of Policy Studies alumni well. My name is Kazuyo Yamaguchi. I am in charge of Japanese language studies within our Faculty.

Twenty years have passed since our Faculty was established in April 2000, so during this coming academic year we intend to hold a range of commemorative events. Casting our minds back over the years that seem to have flown by, I imagine that you would have entered Nanzan University with a mixture of excited anticipation and uneasy trepidation.

There have been many changes during these past twenty years, but without a doubt, the most significant of these was the Faculty's move to the Nagoya Campus in 2017. I think that all of you have spent your time with us as a student on the Seto Campus, possibly even seeing badgers walking through the campus grounds around sunset or deer grazing among the trees. While it was not a common occurrence, there were even times when classes were cancelled due to a bear appearing on campus. I have fond memories of the time I spent in such a beautiful natural setting. The Nagoya Campus is also located in a pleasantly verdant setting, but it is a little different from the unhurried atmosphere out at Seto.

The relocation to the Nagoya Campus has brought about a range of changes in the environment in which students lead their lives. In contrast to Koryu Kaikan life at Seto, in Nagoya, students live in a large housing complex among regular members of the public, so the potential breadth of their experience is broader. The range of countries and regions from which students come is greater and the total number of students has also increased. In addition, our international students now study all sorts of subjects together with students from other faculties. The range of study opportunities is greater, as is the scope for involvement in extra-curricular activities or groups, which in turn enhances the opportunities available to interact with local Japanese students. In this respect, while students are able to lead a more fulfilled life on the Nagoya Campus, their lives have become busier, and to some extent, the slower and more relaxed atmosphere previously experienced at Seto has become a thing of the past.

There are probably those among you who cannot quite picture the Faculty of Policy Studies being on the Nagoya Campus, but the teachers you know are now comfortably based in research rooms on the 5th and 6th floors of Building Q. With the new academic year featuring events marking the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of our Faculty, we hope that you will be able to visit us and say hello to your former teachers.

I sincerely hope that 2020 brings you all good health and good fortune.

Kazuyo Yamaguchi
Associate Professor
Faculty of Policy Studies







山口 和代

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